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Eco Friendly chicken feed


Eco Friendly chicken feed


At HobbyFirst we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint. That is why we consciously opt for increasingly sustainable raw materials in our feeds.​ In this way we contribute to the protection of our planet.

So in this concept, we are introducing two new chicken feeds.

HobbyFirst Farm Circular Pellet is a pellet where the composition is based on vegetable residual or return streams from the food industry. This feed has a low CO2 footprint because no agricultural land is used specifically for the production of this feed. By using circular raw materials, we do not compete with the production of raw materials for human consumption. In short: Less waste through sustainable reuse of valuable food that is in danger of being lost!

HobbyFirst Grani Garden Mix is a mixture composed of locally available raw materials. We do not use imports from distant or overseas areas here. For this reason, this feed has a low CO2 footprint and supports local sustainable agriculture. This varied mixture contains no soya or pellets and is suitable for both bantams and larger breeds. The addition of peas and field beans boosts protein content in an all-natural way, thus encouraging egg laying. Short: No use of raw materials from faraway places, but purely local European raw materials !

These 2 feeds are formulated GMO-free. This ecological product deserves packaging that is as eco-friendly as its contents. The choice of a 10kg bag with handle makes it ergonomic for more user-friendliness.

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