25 & 26

Hire price of bare floor stand area of € 90/m² 

  • Supplement for a corner stand (2 open sides): € 200
  • Supplement for a head stand (3 open sides): € 300
  • Supplement for an isle stand (4 open sides): € 500


  • Fixed participation fee of € 590, including:
    Every exhibitor has to pay a fixed participation fee of 590.00 EUR
    This amount includes a limited offer of free catering for visitors and exhibitors during the exhibition days (breakfast pastries, non-alcoholic drinks and pastries) for a value of 170.00 EUR per exhibitor.


You can also order the desired stand construction, design, decoration and services via our webshop once you are registered as an exhibitor.

There are also a limited number of sponsor packages available.

The floor plan of ANIDO provides in standard surfaces of 16m² (4x4m). These surfaces can be extended or adjusted in length and width, depending on the location.

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