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Exposanten 2022


StarchBag is a manufacturing company specializing in dog poop bags production. The bags are made from innovative biodegradable materials based on corn starch. We encourage all dog owners to choose sustainable products that are environmentally friendly like our bags!
Our poop bags are made in our production facility in Poland from European certified biopolymers (OK Compost). We offer our bags under „Starchly” brand in ready to sell business model. Those bags are offered etiher in green or pink color, with recycled paper core and kraft paper boxes. „Starchly” brand recognition continues to grow thanks to our social marketing.
For more individual needs, we offer personalized bags in multiple colors with custom imprints. It is also possible to make custom box for bulk packaging.
We offer individual and secure approach to customers with good communication, fast order processing and short delivery time.

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