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Underwater rolling bench
- A submerged rolling bench, 316L stainless steel
- Dimensions : Width 0.85m, Height 0.90m, Length 2m Including :
- A geared motor gearbox of the band with variation of the high frequency speed
- A motor lifting the band, at 30% maximum
- A 1.5m³ buffer tank
- A circulating pump 10 m³/h, for internal filtration circuit
- A filter, containing filtration glass for internal circuit
- A 2Kw thermal heater
- A transfer drain pump, 20 m³/h, and motorized valve
- A transfer filling pump, 20 m³/h, and motorized valve
- Installation and complete connection of the installation
- Electronic management of the system, doubled by a manual control
- Temperature control
- Getting started and training

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