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News from exhibitors

Discover beneath some new products presented by the exhibitors.

In order to view which products participate at the New@Anido contest, click here.

Japanese-inspired scratching posts

The 3 new EBI scratching posts are unique & own designs, inspired by the Japanese "Zen" concept. The aesthetics and colors of the posts resemble calmness, and minimalism.

New hygienic innovation in the world of cat toilets


Welcome to a new pet-nological era!

Happy House - New collection 2020

Discover the new Happy House 2020 collection on ANIDO

New anti-flea & Tick solution Dog

With The Pet Doctor we offer a complete concept of animal care products.

Energique Pure Duck

For dogs with health problems

New: Coockoo Flip & Swirly

Coockoo launches 2 new & crazy electronic toys, Flip and Swirly. These interactive toys stimulate the natural hunting instinct of the cat and counter boredom.


delicious snacks for dogs

Startup Buddy is coming to Anido!

Can small biscuits make a big difference? That’s the philosophy behind the startup Buddy. By rewarding your dog with Buddy-treats you also reward the makers with an intellectual disability.


Our Cat Litter assortment is one of the biggest and complete in the pet market. Our speciality "Ecological Cat Litter". With our innovations we attempt to cover and satisfy all cat necessities. Our manufacture employs a clean energy source, and renewable and fast-growing plant fibres as raw material, we try to optimize the use of natural resources but knowingly causing no damage to the environment and create a positive impact our goal reduce the waste production and provide a healthy and safe environment for you and your cat. We are pleased to present our ecological cat litter line ECO CAT.

Aquaja Diamond LIne

Aquaja is proud to announce her new standard aquarium line. The Aquaja Diamond Line aquariums are available in 3 models: Aquaja Diamond Line 275, Aquaja Diamond Line 400 & Aquaja Diamond Line 535.

PETREBELS 2020 Collection

Be a rebel not a pussy

flexi New Neon Tape in EXTRA COLOURS

See and be seen: That is the added value of flexi NEW NEON retractable lead. The flexi Neon range - now extended with a green & orange model - is the latest in a series of great flexi innovations.

DUOplay caoutchouc ball

Our newest, universal dog toy provides great entertainment for small dogs, big dogs, newbie dogs and well-trained dogs! We have made the DUOplay ball even more fun by putting neon and orange fluorescent stripes on the handle, making it easier to find in any environment.


The constant demand for animal care products is becoming increasingly close to human care, allowing the creation and development of new products like hydrotherapy, which we manufacture entirely, including software Management

Weenect GPS tracker for dogs

We are a French company specializing in GPS trackers for animals. We have developed our own app that we manage from our offices meaning we can offer a reliable and efficient service. We have already 60 000 active trackers and more than 1000 sales points in Europe.

Vita Complete® Pure Natural Dogfood

The healthy treat concept

The healthy treats concept stems from three insights: more demand for natural food and snacks, food and snacks which specifically contribute to the health of dogs and more and more dogs are allergic.

Prins Puppy/Kitten starter box: the perfect gift for new owners

The attractive and playfully designed Prins starter boxes for puppies or kittens ensure that new owners can give their young four-legged friend a flying start. The boxes can be handed out by the breeder, purchased by the owner or given as a puppy or kitten shower gift. Next to a package of 100% natural food the boxes contain some fun and tasty extra’s and useful information and tips for the first year of life. They embody what Prins stands for: healthy food, knowledge, guidance and good advice.

Pleased to meat you! ;)

duvoplus launches a lot of new dog snacks, come and discover them at our Laroy Group booth 361 / Hall 3.


We love our pets more and more. They are a part of the family and are always there for us. They greet us with enthusiasm and give love and affection. We can imagine what it feels like when your pet is lost. With Spotted! everyone looks out for your pet so the problem will be solved quickly.

Curli - Limited Edtion 2020 - Swiss dog harnesses

Curli launches the new "Limited Edition 2020" dog harness on ANIDO for BeNeLux.

Doggy Dental Stick

I & I kauwwortel XS

In the fall of 2019 we presented on the Dutch market our I & I Pet Supplies coffeewood chewroot XS, until now there was no size available for the smallest dogs, to enjoy and chew on. The other sizes already on the market appeared to big to use for example a Chihuahua or a puppy, to cover their chewing needs.

Indestructible Wunderball

Van der Basch Trading heeft weer een mooi artikel in zijn assortiment. Het drijft, stuitert en gaat niet kapot. Het is namelijk gemaakt van organisch rubber en gekleurd met organische materialen. Door het zachte rubber verdwijnen de tanden van de hond in de bal. Hierdoor kan de hond de bal niet doorbijten Het voordeel is dat de tanden direct gereinigd worden. Als we zeggen onverwoestbaar bedoelen we ook onverwoestbaar. Daarom geven wij op elke bal 100% garantie.


WALL MODULE VERSA GARDEN PLUS is a green wall, intended for the creation of hydroponic installations of decorative or aromatic plants, perfectly adaptable to all types of aquariums.



New: Smølke Soft Paté

Weenect GPS tracker for cats

We are a French company specializing in GPS trackers for animals. We have developed our own app that we manage from our offices meaning we can offer a reliable and efficient service. We have already 60 000 active trackers and more than 1000 sales points in Europe.

Beaphar Organic cosmetic range with Ecocert label

Beaphar has developed an organic cosmetic range with Ecocert label for dogs and cats. The premium range consists of five shampoos in handy tubes, a dry shampoo spray, an anti-tangle spray and an eye and ear cleaner. The line contains active ingredients from organic farming.

Dive into the new Aqua Della range

EBI brings its own Aqua Della aquarium and plants range to the market. Learn everything about the novelties.

New at Delcon: optimized formulas

Delcon: complete and balanced natural food with an emphasis on animal proteins and extra attention for optimal digestion

Barking Bakery

Our woofins, cookies and cakes with edible logo are available in various shapes and sizes. The contents are from natural ingredients. This product gives a party to every entrepreneur in his business, you will see that your customers will be very enthusiastic and this product is also very suitable to promote through social media.

Prins FreshCare: a raw meat menu for conscious consumers

Prins FreshCare is a new, complete and 100% natural meat menu for dogs of all ages with fresh ingredients: raw meat and organ meat, fruit and vegetables, fish oil, vitamins and minerals. Available in an attractive packaging design with an transparent viewing window. FreshCare aims at young, conscious consumers who attach great value to fresh, high-quality ingredients and want to know and see what they are feeding their dog.

Bio & compostable poop bags

Our organic and compostable waste bags for dogs are made with 30% renewable raw materials.

Natural Fresh Meat - Our story

We, the makers of Natural Fresh Meat, have been creating natural dog food for over 40 years.

IDC® POWair Harness

JULIUS-K9® is already getting ready for the hottest days of the summer, so a seasonal version of the city-use built IDC® Powerharness is being prepared, in order to provide efficient control during walks in the summer heat.

The new CatElite by M-PETS

Official launch and introduction of the new cat tree range CatElite by M-PETS on ANIDO.

M-PETS Bamboo 100% Organic & Biodegradable Cat Litter

M-PETS Bamboo cat litter 100% Eco-Friendly - 100% Organic - 100% Biodegradable

Love at first bite!

duvoplus launches new food & snacks, for every pet in our global village!

Carnis Sausages

Carnis is known for its beautiful line of natural products, such as pressed dog food, cat food, pure meat or fish snacks, raw meat, supplements and grooming products. The meat sausages complete this range!


Porta21 Superfood – with 100% pure meat cubes Schulze Heimtierbedarf GmbH is setting a new trend in cat food with its product range Porta21 Superfood:

Sustainable and ethical premium dog food, for your dog and our planet

The production of dog food involves the unavoidable release of CO2. Goood offsets CO2 emissions and, in doing so, is climate-neutral: good for dogs and good for the environment!
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