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Discover the new products from the exhibitors boxes for living gifts


The cat will feel like a real Indian in the Beeztees Kioni Tipi and Mohaki Tipi Tent. This tipi tent is a real eyeCATcher in your home interior. Both designs are very attractive!


Extremely attractive, reinforced, 'soft' animal toys. There are strong toys on the market, but usually this is made of hard types of plastic. Dogs love more soft toys, but than these are often broken quickly ....

New Belgium product of natural, cold pressed dogfood

Tabby Tijger introducing Teh Best Cat Wand of The World!

Tabby Tiger, a brand new young Belgian brand introduces with the Tabby Tiger INSTINCT an interactive cat wand that is extremely flexible and strong and does not bend or break during play. The wand, which is available in two sizes (90cm and 65cm), is part of a wide range of ecological and natural toys without the use of toxic dyes that make every cat a home tiger. The Tabby Tiger INSTINCT improves the hunting instinct in cats. You have also the opportunity to change toys thanks to the wide selection from the Tabby Tiger refill assortment. So you can always attach the right toy for each type of cat and / or breed to the wand. TABBY Tiger wants to enrich the relationship between cat and owner and likes to work with resellers that share this vision. This is undoubtedly an exclusive addition to your assortment. Wondering what makes the Tabby Tiger INSTINCT so different? Click on 'READ MORE'

GoldPaw Stretch Fleece pullover

Now available in Europe!

DentaLife® XS

PURINA® is launching DentaLife® Extra Small Dog. A chew that has been specifically designed to match their very small jaw.

RIVERWOOD 100% natural dog nutrition

Craft food in which only the very best ingredients are processed. Pure, honest and made with love. There are six types of Riverwood, with in each variant 3 hypoallergenic protein sources.

TRE PONTI coloré, doux distributeur sacs de ramasse crotte

New at Tre Ponti are the Mesh poop bag holders. These soft bags fit every Tre Ponti leash and combine very stylish with the Tre Ponti Mesh harness series. they are supplied with 15 environmentally friendly bags. You can see them at stand 658

Flamingo Fish snacks

9 different types of fish snacks for dogs.

Malanico: Protection croque Mini Lamb from Prins

New on the PUUR menu: 27 extra snacks for birds and rodents!

Ever since the successful launch of PUUR, Witte Molen has been thriving. One year on we are putting 27 new snacks on the Menu. With these new additions, PUUR offers a wide range of top-of-the-range gourmet mixes and snacks for birds, rabbits and rodents.

Aquaya Concept : Ready-to-use customisable aquarium concept!

Very stylish aquariums with wooden stands that will become an important element in your interior decoration.

Iseo Aquariums : Dive into the heart of the Iseo range!

Iseo aquariums and furniture combine design and technicity to fit in perfectly with all styles of interior decoration.

New and exclusive: Happy Dog Piemonte

Grain-free, gluten-free and without potatoes: particularly delicious and suitable for all sensitive dogs.

Go out and EXPLOR!

Set out into the world for an adventure with your dog with Duvo+ EXPLOR, a brand new range of top-quality collars, leads and harnesses. With their modern design, ergonomic shapes and hard-wearing materials, these products ensure optimum comfort and safety for dogs and their owners.

Petrebels Cat Trees

Unleash the rebel inside

Matti is the first automatic de-matting brush

Matti is the first automatic de-matting brush devised specifically for professional use in grooming salons. This revolutionary tool is designed and developed by groomers for groomers to save time and make life easier when confronted with a matted dog. Matti helps to prevent and relieve pain in wrists, arms and shoulders caused by daily stress of brushing and de-matting in grooming salons.

Confort Mila : Sleep among the stars!

New soft and comfy Mila comfort range decorated with a lovely silver thread starry embroidery.

Selective Naturals Grain Free

The first product of its kind for rabbits & guinea pigs

Bacto Balls

Bacto Balls for start up and maintenance Bacto Balls impregnated with unique Colombo bacteria for marine aquariums. The state-of-the-art DNA screening process was used to select the best strain

Snack’ Treats : A complete range!

Discover our new range of natural treats developed to satisfy your dog’s need to chew as well as to help promote good dental hygiene.

Cube cat tree : Your cat will have a corner to purr in!

Cube cat tree range with an original, trendy design and open cubical compartments.

The Rockster - life enhancing superfood for the vitality of dogs

"Besides improvements on the state of the skin and hair, Rockster food seems to have a positive effect on the vitality of dogs. Even difficult eaters find their ideal menu with the choice of recipes. Rockster food has had other beneficial effects against the following disorders: Renal problems, Stomach problems, Colitis, Pancreatitis, Weight problems, Metabolic problems, Lethargy, Urinary tract infections and Behavioural issues."- Dr. Thierry Bedossa, One of France's Most Respected Vets

IcePaw - nutrition and food for dogs that enjoys an active lifestyle with their owners

IcePaw are developed based on scientific knowledge and 30 years of experience from a World Champion and Guniness Book Record Holder of sleddog racer.

Scruffy Chop Grooming Spa - therapeutic healing for body and soul

A natural and hypo-allergen dog shampoo base on Dead Sea Minerals that is known for its therapeutic healing effect for thousands of years.


The new Freezable mix is, like the existing mixes, wigan packed with fruits. And while you have to bake our existing cookie mixes, you will have to freeze, as the name says, this new mix! The result is a homemade fresh and healthy snack for the hot summer days.

HUNTER Porto collars & leashes, premium eco leather.

Environmental protection is writ large with this plant-based tanned lather of premium quality. The PORTO collar is made of premium eco leather.

NEW! Unique and natural, grain and glutenfree Catfood; Healthy Cat!

Healthy Cat is a hypoallergenic, wholesome nourishing premium cat food developed for every cat!

Oropharma Disinfect Spray, the spray to disinfect the living environment of animals

Many diseases have one big culprit: an unhygienic environment. That is why we offer several products that ensure good hygiene and a clean living environment. Consequently, we also recently launched Oropharma Disinfect Spray, a spray to disinfect the living environment of animals.

Joels - Wall-mounted cat tree

Unique concept - Sold in Belgium since September 2017

Convertable bed Benji both for dogs and cats by Nufnuf (stand 614)

Nufnuf convertable bed with lowered front side is perfect for small/medium size dogs and cats.

MicrocynAH - a natural antibiotic-free One-Step Wound and Skin Care with 145 Patents and 40+ clinical studies

The body has its own way to defend itself and heals. One of the thing it does is by producing hypochlorous acid. It plays an important role in the immune system (killing bacteria) and reducing inflammation. In high concentration, it promotes the healing of the tissues.


Following the highly successful Mesh harnesses for smaller dogs, Tre Ponti introduces the Fluo Pop series. These extremely notable harnesses are available in Fibbia, adjustable Fibbia and Liberta version. To finish it off, there are matching 125 cm leashes. Come see how nice they are at stand 658

WAW, protects both the dog and it's guide from jerk trauma

WAW is the innovative anti-shock system designed to be in step with the dog. It preserves against jerk trauma and makes the dog walks a pleasant and relaxed moment again. WAW also is very suited for puppy use... See how it works on our video on

Malanico: Voskes Delicatesse

New in the assortment from Malanico Holland Diervoeders: boiled & steamed products from VOSKES DELICATESSE.

Neo Cage : Uniquely designed cages.

A range of 6 cages adapted to each species, raised on solid wood legs with a simple design, available in 3 colours: grey, beige and black.

Hoeboer engraving service or iMarc engravingmachine at your shop

Cylindrical jar

Our Cylindrical jars are multiplying!

Cat tree Kéa : Daily exercise!

Kéa cat trees fit in well in even the smallest areas because they occupy little floor space.

Farm Company Pet Care cleansing wipes

Now available: Happy Dog Supreme Young

Now available: Happy Dog Supreme Young for puppies and young dogs with the brand new heart-shaped loop biskit.

Silicone harness : A luminous walk!

Range of "Silicone" collars and leashes made of sturdy material with a luminous buckle.

New colors Tickkeys and FREE printing

The Tick Key is the easiest removal tool for ticks. ou just need to do a simple sliding movement to remove the tick safely, quickly and easily. Even the most stuck tick will be removed completely, including head and legs. The Tick Key is 99.9% effective for all types of ticks! The Tick Key won the Anido Award in 2010

Renske Bach Flower Rewards

BOBBY British bedding

Malanico: Renske Organic Wet food for cat and dog!

New in the assortment of Malanico are the Renske Natural Petfood with 100% certified organic meals for cat and dog.

RelaxoPet - deep relaxation in animals

Meet RelaxoPet - the latest innovation in deep relaxation in dogs, cats, horses and birds! Absolutely unique, animal friendly and effective!

New Cat kibbles from Carnis

Menu Nature Nesting Blend - for brooding and young, growing birds

Menu Nature Nesting Blend is specifically designed for brooding and young, growing birds, to provide them with a high-protein and high-calcium diet.

Radiator Cuddly Cave

Radiator Cuddly Cave, Plush
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